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Greenway of Crafts and Religions is local line of Greenway Prague – Wien with connect points in Jindřichův Hradec and Slavonice. Its goes through South Bohemia and Vysočina regions and is about 260km long. Separate marked branches Javořická, Křemešnická, Velkolhotecká, Kamenická and Pelhřimovská allows tourists to navigate through chosen circuits. This project was done through years 2003-2005 and was supported with Grant of South Bohemian region and Partnership Foundation. Route is guided and marked by 150 wooden posts, 12 navigation boards with map, 4 resting places and 26 informational boards. Route is designed not to be burden for a landscape with its navigational system and to maximalise existing marking for pedestrian or cyclists.

Greenway of Crafts and Religions with its name presents craftsmen traditions and historical battles for religion on the border of Vysočina region. There are many remarkable objects which welcomes visitors from near or far and offers pleasant visit, interesting experience and joy from activity. Offer culminates during summer Festival of Crafts and Religions. With annual opening of Greenways is one linden-tree planted on the route.

Greenway of Crafts and Religions was founded and is operated by citizens association ‘Na dobrých cestách’. Its members are both legal and natural person, creating opportunities for joyful activities gentle both socially and ecologically to environment of region, they live in. Their common interest is to connect their efforts and to open region to all perceptive visitors.